Absolutely Golden Ready to Drop September 2017!

It’s official, folks—you can now pre-order Absolutely Golden from Stalking Horse Press!

BONUS: The first fifty in line will also receive a limited edition button and postcard!


Absolutely Golden is pure, mind-blowing enchantment.”
Nelly Reifler


Full of extraordinary, richly-drawn characters in supremely memorable situations.
—Christine Sneed


D. Foy is an American hero and this book will slay you.
—Sarah Gerard


“Gyrates seamlessly between the hilarious and profound. D. Foy’s prose never falters.
Augustus Rose



One thought on “Absolutely Golden Ready to Drop September 2017!

  1. gail smith reynolds says:

    Hey D. I wish I had seen this yesterday. I preordered your book on Amazon’s site….but anyway, point is I have it coming. Congrats on the new book. I have your first two, and I want to finish reading them before ABSOLUTELY GOLDEN arrives. Reading has totally gone down the tubes since the dude moved into the White House, but I’m getting my groove back, so PATRICIDE will occupy my thoughts and reading time for awhile. Rock on, be well. I have my two feet back on the path, and I am happy. Good as it gets. I don’t need a thing, but to celebrate. Feels good.

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