Patricide: Get. It. Now.

 ”I already knew Foy was a genius. Now I’m beginning to think he’s a saint.”
—Matthew Specktor

“It is as if Denis Johnson wrote Jesus’ Son with an anvil.”
—Lindsay Hunter

“A frightening, touching, challenging, and emotionally charged masterpiece.”
—Christian Kiefer


“Bruising, beautiful, impossible to shake.”
—Laura van den Berg

“Foy has delivered a true work of art—addictive, hypnotic, relentless.”
—Scott Cheshire

“Do not be afraid of this book. Be thankful D. Foy has made it for us.”
—Elizabeth Crane


“The diamond-cut awareness offered only to the broken, the abused, the fully-surrendered.”
—Sean Madigan Hoen

“A gale-force to be reckoned with.”
—Anne Valente

“Foy is a storm chaser . . . screaming brilliance dead into the wind.”
—Will Chancellor


“A brooding, painful, and beautifully written book.”
—Brian Evenson

“Bends language around the patriarchal until it screams.”
—Terese Svoboda

Patricide will leave you dizzy and desperate for the next page.”
—Joshua Mohr

d-foy-patricide-frontcover“If you want an education about . . . brutality and tenderness, this is the book for you.”
—Ron Currie

“A story of resilience and resistance on a razor’s edge.”
—Samuel Sattin




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