Made to Break Drops March 2014!

My novel, Made to Break, will drop on March 18th, from Two Dollar Radio. Meantime, you can read an interview with me and my publishers here.


“Reading D. Foy’s prose is like watching Robert Stone and Wallace Stevens drag race across a frozen lake at midnight.”
Anthony Swofford, author of Jarhead, Exit A, and Hotels, Hospitals, and Jails

With some of the most luminous and purple prose flexed in recent memory, D. Foy is an incendiary new voice and Made to Break a grand, episodic debut, redolent of the stark conscience of Denis Johnson and the spellbinding vision of Roberto Bolaño.
Amazon page for Made to Break

From Two Dollar Radio:

Made to Break is the story of a pack of friends celebrating the holidays at a remote cabin near Lake Tahoe, California. After being stranded by severe weather and a near-fatal accident, the friends are forced to confront the squalor, greed, and sadness from which they’ve spent most of their lives attempting to escape. Made to Break is a melancholic, savage look at relationships and the lies we tell ourselves, suffused with spirited language and humor.”

Preorder the Made to Break directly from Two Dollar Radio, here!

Or you can preorder the book from Amazon, here.






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